Balance Grade Rotor Types - Examples
0.4Spindles, high precision systems, gyroscopes
1.0Audio/Video drives, grinding-machine drives
2.5Computer drives, electric motors and generators, gas/steam turbines, machine tool drives
6.3Fans, gears, general machinery, machine tools, pumps, turbo chargers, water turbines
16Agricultural machinery, crankshaft drives, drive shafts
40Car wheels, crankshaft drives
100Reciprocating engines
250Crankshaft drives of rigidly mounted fast four cylinder diesel engines
630Crankshaft drives of rigidly mounted large four cylinder diesel engines

Note: default Weight Units are ounces and
default Tolerance Units are ounce-inches.

Balance Grade
Weight of Part   
Weight Units
Planes 1     2
Tolerance Units Description
Mass center displacement
ISO Balance Tolerance