AI & Diagnostics

Exceptional Function, Capability, and Automation

BTI’s equipment has unprecedented diagnostic tools that allow most aspects of the equipment to be evaluated for function and capability, as well as artificial intelligence features that allow many machine types to learn from their mistakes.

In regards to balancing, BTI’s best-in-class adaptive feedback automatically applies the proper gains and offsets, yielding unprecedented results and increasing productivity and part quality. The built-in oscilloscope, a BTI exclusive, allows manufacturing personnel to view any analog or digital signal on the machine. This includes raw data of any sensor and proximity to sensor or pickup, facilitating quick and accurate troubleshooting at the machine or, if allowed, remotely from BTI using our remote diagnostic capabilities. More specifically, any analog signal can be displayed as a raw signal, oscilloscope view, number display, FFT or FFT waterfall, and digital signals can be displayed both numerically or through the oscilloscope view.