Software: Windows-Based

Customizable, Windows-Based Software

BTI has combined Microsoft Windows-based software with industrial, NEMA-rated computers yielding the most reliable, advanced, and user-friendly computer controls available. With superior durability and flexibility, BTI’s software delivers features needed in today’s manufacturing environment in a clear and user-friendly way. Extensive use of visual aids and detailed menus simplify machine use and reduce human error. Illustrative pictures and graphics reflective of your specific application lead the machine user confidently though critical operations, while built-in error-proofing helps assure that the steps are performed correctly. All unit types are operator selectable, so you can display what you and your team are familiar with. Typical software updates and program changes are made easy by downloading a self-executable file from BTI’s FTP site.

Setup Screens

BTI’s software typically displays actual machine photos and graphics to aid the operator during setup and changeover procedures.


In an effort to minimize the negative effects of “button pushers,” BTI’s software allows a plant administrator (typically a plant engineer), to give different access levels to every user or discipline. Some customers choose by individual, while others choose by discipline (such as engineering, maintenance, technician, operator, etc.). In addition, the machine logs key changes with a date and time stamp in an effort to identify potential issues. To assign access rights, the administrator simply places a “check” next to whatever screens the user is to have access to. The user must log in to make changes, or in some cases, swipe their respective badge to log in.