Automated Capability Testing

Reliable, Quick Measurement for Performance and Capability

BTI equipment has unparalleled performance and capability testing tools built in. When prompted, these tools permit the equipment to automatically execute testing protocols to verify the performance of both the equipment and parts. Whether it’s spin-to-spin repeatability, gage R&R, or CpK results, our software takes the guesswork out of part and machine performance and capability. Although these tools are available on most all BTI equipment, highly automated machines are more equipped to automate the testing process.

To make part and machine performance issues easier to isolate, BTI has built in many modes of operation that allow problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Some of the modes of operation include Continuous Spin, Start-Stop, Chuck-Unchuck, Chuck-Unchuck Lift and Lower, and Chuck-UnChuck with Part Transfer.

BTI’s software allows you to automatically save the results directly to the machine’s hard drive. You can also save it to a filename and path on your network, or you can save it to a flash drive or external hard drive. The data is saved in a .csv (spreadsheet) format, so it can be easily imported into Excel, Minitab, DIAdem by LabVIEW, AQDEF, or STAT by SAS. You can also connect the machine to a high-speed Internet connection and enable BTI to connect remotely to view the results.